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28th April

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The problem with day after day of wet weather is that it leaves me with no enthusiasm for doing anything useful. I have a long list of tasks, the first and foremost being do the Tma, then answer emails, make the bunting for the wedding, fill my newly acquired propagators with seedlings and of course there are things like housework. But this last week I haven’t really achieved very much other than the odd Sudoku.  Today was different. I gave strict instructions to TOH that I should be reminded at regular intervals that I have an essay to write. I sat down at a table, pushed the cat off my laptop and spent several hours researching and writing the essay on Chartism. Phew it is done and I am very excited about moving on to the art section.

There was a lot of activity outside the house. Our neighbour’s daughter was getting married and her Mum had secretly arranged for a Cadillac to transport her from their house to the Mairie, hence the use of the bit of land by our garage which was out of sight from her home. The driver turned up at 11am, wearing a Stetson with his partner following behind in a lesser vehicle. They spent an hour attaching balloons and ribbons and TOH had long conversations about its 7 l engine, juke box etc. It had been bought in England! Once the car was all polished and decorated they disappeared for lunch and returned at 3 to collect it and move on to the neighbour’s house to collect the bride.  TOH had kept an eye on the car at regular intervals; he was worried about the cats clambering over it and warned them off with the water pistol if they approached. It seems that wasn’t enough to discourage them and the man in the Stetson had to spend some time carefully removing the paw prints. We felt rather guilty. Happily the cessation of the drizzle coincided with the appointed time to collect the bride so hopefully all went to plan.

We have started to prepare for the tiling of the conservatory. I have been increasingly worried when even seasoned DIYers raise their eyebrows when I say TOH is going to do it. Step 1 was to clean the floor of accumulated dust, algae and fallen bits of plaster. Now we realise the concrete foundation isn’t quite horizontal, so needs a screed. TOH has it all in hand. This job could take some time.

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