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Visual representation of Open Learning

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This is my 'picture' of open learning.  Characteristics are:

  • Information is less structured as you move outwards
  • 'Wisdom' is structured into information as it moves inwards
  • Learning is more formal as you move inwards
  • Interaction is more intense as you move inwards
  • Tools are more public and generic as you move outwards
  • Cumulative value increases as you move outwards
  • Individual value increases as you move inwards

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Thanks for this. A useful visualisation, particularly the scaling (10s, 100s, 1000s etc) - I know it's only a guide, but it may help me explain to others what all this open learning malarky is about!
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I'd out one more dot smack in the middle and even give it a name. Take your pick, but Martin Weller might be one. I do think there is credence to the recognition of and following of leaders in their field - whatever and wherever this might be.