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Creativity in OU Live

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Edited by Patrick Andrews, Sunday, 26 Jan 2014, 12:49

Several students have referred to creativity in OU Live sessions.  This often seems to occur when switching between chat at the beginning (while waiting to see if other students will come) and starting on the content of the sessions.  I would be interested in examples people notice.

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I would agree that the spontaneous, impromptu moments around the formal activity are often the most creative - also chatting via messenger during a session and especially if anyone can stay on to chat afterwards. I would draw on examples from the six ... yes six modules that I have now done and compare these to experiences of traditional undergraduate and postgraduate learning. 

Patrick Andrews

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Thanks for your comment, Jonathan.

There was an interesting example in a recent session.  I was starting and asked the students what the weather was like where they were and a student from Germany said it was warm and that the skiers would be disappointed (a nice comment, broadening it) and then another added that viruses would be unhappy (which seemed like a creative personalisation).