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Edited by Amanda Harrington-Vail, Thursday, 24 Apr 2014, 14:33

I decided to reflect on my feelings on the researching, writing and submitting of TMA01 (Gibbs, 1998). I tend to approach TMA's - especially TMA01 and the EMA - with some trepidation, although I market this to myself as healthy anxiety wink

The process of researching and writing TMAs and EMAs never ceases to surprise me, in the extent of misconceived 'understanding' at the outset which becomes (hopefully) genuine comprehension as the research and writing assists the cognitive whirring to form Eureka moments.

Admittedly, I used to believe my grasp on the subject was slightly firmer than it was - whereas more recently I recognise that I have a basic to reasonable understanding on most of the MAODE topics. This is a recent awareness because my undergraduate degree was an Open one across four faculties so this is my first named degree, alongside this I'm also studying another Open degree (I relish the variety). However it is great to build on existing knowledge and develop it, I may yet decide to start another MA/MSc - never say never! (Sean Connery on referring to his 007 role).

Although I like to think that I've created a good assignment plan, it tends to adapt quite considerably because previously considered research becomes irrelevant as the writing takes shape, necessitating further research. Luckily I thoroughly enjoy the researching aspect, although frequently irritated by inaccessible and/or copyright issues. In my TMA01 research I came across an OpenLearn course on tips for using Google Scholar to save time etc. It's worth a try so I'll locate it from my 'useful websites' Word document and take a look.

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