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T216 CCNA Networking

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It is now a few weeks since the closing of  T216, and  I can now breath a sigh of relief.. For me, this module, was one of the most challenging. 

Since beginning my my studies for my  B62 -- BSc Hons Computing and  IT,  I had postponed sitting T216 twice, anticipating the level of difficulty this module might entail. However, having said this, I did not foresee that  that  I would be diagnosed with a life long illness-diabetes, midway of the course.

When the scheduled began in  October,  I was full of optimism, I knew that  I had done fairly well in  TM18, Microsoft  Technologies, so I thought that I stood a chance of working with the materials slowly and would master the materials to ensure a passable grade.

But on towards the end of February,  i began to experience extreme thirst, thrush and blurry eye sight, which prompted me first to check my local Tesco optician. fitted with two pairs of specs, one for everyday use and one for reading  I thought that had solved the matter of the blurry eye. But the other symptoms persisted, and  I was forced to seek medical attention at the Crawley Hospital on  March 1st, 2014.

The diagnosis was diabetes provisional type 1. I as duly admitted to the reading Hospital that same morning to begin a course of treatment and consequently, finding  myself as in-patient for the weekend: hospital gown and all. I was devastated. 


AS you might have guessed, it was not possible to maintain a focus on my studies, my TMA02  and 03 grades went flat. In addition to having to begin self-administration of insulin 4- 5 times a day, constant blood monitoring and to  disclose with my secret disability to my employer, and to the DVLA and car insurer, I had to submit a claim for special circumstances with the the  Open University. My tutor was very supportive, and assisted me with extended telephone and online tutorial in an effort to get me back up to scratch.

It is obvious to me now that I must have been suffering with concentration and possible of nervous related problem known to affect diabetics in the months leading up to the start of the module that all came to a head in March. But, lucky for me,  the  OU awarded me a Grade 4 pass...Well it saved my 60 credits to add to my 360 needed for my honours degree.


Nevertheless, I am so glad I persevered.I am still interested in doing the CCNA certification at some point in the future, and  I have learned a lot from my studies. Never mind the near crisis, that could have easily made me quit studying for good, feeling sorry for myself, and that this was the beginning of the end., 5 months down the line, I am feeling much better mentally. No more symptoms, but doctors told me then and now, that  I will be on medication for the rest of my life. I don't need to go into the complications that diabetics can face if their condition is not manged properly.

So only to add that  I am glad this is all over now, both the module and the diagnosis. I am preparing for  T234 now, Keeping a ahead in information and communication technologies. Here's hoping that I can raise my game, and get back on track.


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Tempie Williams MIAB

Onward in Victory!

What a powerful testimony Ras Albert Williams! You had come through this hurdle of your journey beautifully. The beauty is to keep going. You have inner strength that will overcome all obstacles and turn them into wonderful opportunities. Keep going my love because it is a joy to watch your journey as it unfold before both our eyes. You have been endowed with the gift of perserverance.  It is onward  in victory! The best is yet to come! Your loving wife Tempie