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It was working better for me last night.  However, one of the students did not seem to be able to speak and another kept getting thrown out of the room.  It is a very stressful and concentrated platform for teaching when the teacher needs to notice who is in the room, check whether participants can speak as well as think about what they want to do in terms of content.

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I'm staggered this the platform, a botch of poor ideas and old technology, is even used anymore. I have had four years of trouble. Do you know what worked best? It was when a bunch of skipped over to Google Hangout and did our own seminars either because in OU Live we couldn't hear each other, or in that instance we couldn't hear the tutor. Were this a commercial, corporate piece of software the agency producing this kind of platform would long ago have ceased trading. I have worked decades in this kind of work - QA identifies and removes all glitches because clients pay for and expect perfection. 

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Thanks for the comment,Jonathan

It seems to have been going through a very rough patch, that seems to be undermining the learning of the students.  Last Saturday, I kept disappearing, which must have been very frustrating for the students and then last Tuesday, I noticed one of the students was having a similar problem - she was constantly in and out of the session. 

Online conferencing can be so good when working well and it saves many students long journeys but at the moment, it does not seem to be fit for purpose.  I just hope that the update referred to makes it much more stable.