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The default time that seems to be suggested for evening OU Live tutorials seems to be 7pm but I have the impression many students would prefer later times.  For example, last week, I had a student saying she could listen and type but not speak as she was eating.  Another student was interrupted by her young child.

It is impossible to please all students and cater for each person's circumstances.  However, when I have autonomy to suggest times to students, I tend to find that 9 pm is the most popular time.

Does anyone have thoughts?

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For one of my modules the tutor asked what day and times suited us and the majority went for 8pm on weekdays.

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Thanks, Simon.

That fits with my impression that students prefer later times - for many 7 pm is the time they eat and/or put young children to bed.

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Sorry no it would have to be 7pm for me!

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Why do you prefer 7pm, Samantha?

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Students told me it was hard to get there for the default 7pm  -too early if you've just got in to work, or got small children to deal with. I have moved tutorials to 8pm, but I always ask the group.  If I get no other suggestions then that's what I do.

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Thanks for your comments, Elizabeth.

I have been experimenting with some daytime tutorials during the week and these seem quite popular.  I also did an OU Live at 9pm last night and got quite a good turnout despite several of them being in Germany where it was an hour later.