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New information for tutors

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A new feature has appeared on the records tutors have about students on their Tutor Home and this is date of last module login.  This looks useful in diagnosing students who have not been keeping up with studies and I have used it to contact a few students to check that they are not having particular problems.  So far, the students seem happy to have been contacted but I wonder whether it might seem like "spying" to some.

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Sharon Hartles - Zemiologist - because ALL HARM MATTERS

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Watching out for or watching over. A saying my my last module course.

Really not sure I want my tutors knowing or having access to this information.

Next I will need to put up my hand to request permission to go to the toilet...like being at school.

We are mature students who pay/or will pay to study via the OU.

Our study habits are relevant to our professional/personal/ family lives.

A few years ago I only studies Friday/Saturday/Sunday completing 16 hours.

This module I am able to study daily (still put in more hours over a weekend).

and another thing, log in is not reflective of study.

I read my books for around five hours and I do not need to log in to do this. It takes me three noghts to study so I log in only on third night to update site.

and I sometimes access my site for a nose around on forums with no intention to study.

Do not feel this extra feature has a purpose at all.

Thanks for info.

Patrick Andrews

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Hi Sharon

I do not suppose teachers would expect anyone to access on a daily basis - they might be worried if someone had not accessed for a month or so and I also imagine this would just be part of the picture if someone had once seemed engaged and suddenly seemed less so.  It might also give the chance for a tutor to be proactive and check students are okay.
Sharon Hartles - Zemiologist - because ALL HARM MATTERS

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Hiya Patrick,

There are really not that many tutors who are as consciencious as a appear to be.

I do not think tutors will do this... maybe for first year students

My current tutor always emails, but the ball is firmly in mu court. My tutor states if we need support we are best placed to know this and can make contact.

Feels much more independent this way.

I guess in reply to your intial post - yes - 'spying' to me.


Warm regards


Patrick Andrews

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I think your tutor is right to encourage students to be independent.  However, this information might help tutors to get more insight into the engagement of students who are having difficulties with motivation.  As I say, I do not think tutors will expect people to log in every day and they will be aware that students might be reading off screen - even if many materials are online, students might have downloaded them and not need to go online.  However, this information is another source of potential knowledge for the tutor to support better.