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I recently made a podcast for students on E304 "Exploring English Grammar" (it can be found at http://patrickandrewsuk.podomatic.com/entry/2016-04-05T08_49_43-07_00 but is probably only of interest to my own students).

I have been surprised and pleased by how positive the feedback has been.  Amongst the reasons for liking it have been:

- it is concise

- it is suitable for listening to on the move

- it enables students who could not make tutorials to have access to some of the issues that were covered

I think it is quite low fi but relatively easy to produce and is another way of communicating with students - it seemed to prompt several emails and interaction with students that might not have occured otherwise.

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Sharon Hartles BA (Hons) Soc Sci Cri (Open) PG Cert SPI (Open), MA (CJ) (Open)

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That's a great response Patrick.


As my tutor says anything which provides or creates an opportunity for discussion and engagement is always positive.



Picture of Patrick Andrews

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Thanks for the comment, Sharon

I agree with your tutor.  Being an online student is tough and can feel lonely and I suppose tutors and peers have to make efforts to reduce any sense of isolation.