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Help Rosie get her flags ;-)

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If you come from any country other than the UK or Germany, or from the US in any State other than California or Washington, then please click on my wordpress blog to get me some flags!!  You don't have to read it or comment or anything!!  It's all about my new flag toy!! 

The US flag is just one flag, but there are 51 States to collect. 

I'm very excited about it!

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Er...only 50 states, unless you count the UK as the 51st state.  As our glorious leaders often seem to...
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Hmm, ok.

Well my knowledge of such things is nil.  I cannot say what the 51st State might be until someone from it visits me... 



ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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And it isn't the unknown ones, because it said 51 before they popped up, and they didn't get me any new flags.

I seem to get about one new US State flag a day so hopefully by the Spring the mystery will have been solved wink