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It's amazing

Visible to anyone in the world

that someone who is not a part of your life

can have such a profound effect on it.


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Strange!! Don't blame you for defending yourself from being placed as piggy in the middle... I am making a visit to my brothers tomorrow. I am uninvited and doing it out of a tick the box kind of duty. I cast myself now as the wicked fairy godmother, I suppose this is in reaction to me being the black sheep for 35 years until I stopped speaking to all (occasionally my sister though) for more than a year and I disliked that the family had recast me as the prodigal daughter who was suddenly wanted to be part of the family. I just thought it either illogical or hypocritical. After all, I hadn't changed, all that had changed was that I reached a tipping point of suddenly finding the prospect of not spending any time at all with family much more comfortable/desirable than the prospect of spending time with them! ( apart fom my sister, I did feel sad about her) Families!! All have their own little strange ways, but mine are weirder than most

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Hello Rosie,

Yes, sure i'm getting too hooked up with the OU, maybe i should get the right balance between juggling time with my kids, work and leisure.  

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Only if you let them. x

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Just so frustrating.

Emily, I suspect we could compare notes!  Overall I am finding life much easier.  But mind-games throw me.  I am a really honest person.  That's not to say I don't lie - I do.  But only to an extent.  My friends often end my sentences with is that true?  And I say No!   Sometimes I just get carried away with my story ;)

I hope your visit goes well - good luck!

Sharon, the OU is an addiction.  It cannot be balanced!  It must be overcome ;)

Joann, yes, it's true.  Would help if they'd stop posting stuff through my letterbox though ;)

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On +ive note -

LOL That was definately a terriffic What big grin gave me a good laugh;

also loved that you are the only one to post really helpful (to me) info (past post) on what other ways there are to cook sprouts, that was good, I never knew what I could do other than boil them, after Christmas day, now I'm going to have a go at adding to soup, and the stir-fry, thankyou smile so now you might get click likes every time you mention sprouts, not cos of anything sad/bad that you also may write about in same post (thought I'd best clarify lol).

On other things -

sorry you are having probs  re the 'certain person' sad and hope things improve trully soon. x.

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Ha ha, awesome, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the whatting funny wink

And from now on, whenever I see a like from you I'll have to search for the sprout reference!  Ha ha.