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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

First I thought

Visible to anyone in the world

my laptop was broken.

Then I didn't understand my blog.

And now I'm going to eat a chilli and fish finger sandwich, with my banjo in my lap, and cat on my shoulder.

Blimey Charlie, I've been banging on a bit.  It's the excitement of the award wink

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The butties sound good mm yum,

did you press it?

It reminds me of 'Alice In Wonderland' -

....and there was a large button which said 'Press This'

lol it's so tempting...

Just thought, It could be to recommend a blogpost be 'Freshly Pressed'? not sure really, maybe. It would be good if it was for that.

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Funny you should say that...

To quote from Ol...

"Of course, you could be Alice, press this your eat me and your mother the Red Queen! Off with her (your) head. Perhaps a round of croquet using flamingos for banzoukijolandos might help. For sure your wonderful Uncle is the actual kindly Mad Hatter and your Gran the dormouse?"

I haven't pushed the press this button yet.  I'm too chicken.  I don't really understand...