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Farewell flag news.

Farewell spam news.

And what could the 51st State be?

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Okay Rosie, I give up. What is spam or flag news??? smile) And congrats on your award! (what does the award mean??) smile

Links for Emily!

Spam news.

Flag news

Flag proof.

The Kreativ Blogger Award.

I've been writing my spam and flag news in my blog each day.  Spam news is a pick of the day of my favourite spam message.  Flag news is a list of new flags I've collected.  Or should I say was.  Each time someone visits my site from another country I get a new flag.  Realising that it was probably very boring for other people, I have moved them to their own pages!  And I don't know what the award means - nothing I suspect.  But it's nice anyway.  Enjoy the links wink

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Wow...you visits are amazing! It really is a small world network ,( the Internet that is). And you know what, I think you might be or are becoming a hub node!!! Okay...still don't really get spam??? Are they titles from spam email?? And, I seriously considered calling my daughter Esmerelda! And Angelica, and Scarlett and Grace as well though...but her Dad wanted something else. As it happens, I didn't name either of my children!!

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Ha ha, thanks!  I only got my flag counter last week, so am obsessing over it at the moment.  It's a shame it doesn't back-date itself as there've been hundreds of one-off visitors over the months.  Hee hee, very sad, very sad indeed!

My wordpress blog has started getting heaps of spam comments.  Most of them are typically dull ones, trying to sell me miracle pills, but some of them engage me for whatever reason, and I had taken to putting them in my blog.  Which, on reflection, I decided wasn't something most people would care for!  But for the few that do, they can still check it out if they so wish.  Considerate!

I have no idea where that pseudonym came from.  It just popped out one night, and stuck.  I'm slightly tourettes-ey with my name sometimes.  I've called myself so many different ones over the years.  I still have friends who call me Ellie from the years I used Eleanor as my name.  I wrote my friend a card a few months ago, and signed it Alice for no reason at all.  Now she keeps calling me Alice all the time on facebook and nobody knows what she's on about.  Dear oh dear. 

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I'm ok with the 'unknown state', but the ''unknown European Union' made me laugh.

I liked the things you wrote about the spam, they were funny smile

The blogger award you got does have meaning, it means someone liked how you do your blog smile


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Thanks Wren.  Yes, it's true.  Meaning is what you make of it.  I'm very happy with it whatever it is, despite the mis-spelling, grr ;)

I feel ok now.  I think it may have been more brandy than flu.

Just wish I could stop the post for a week.  Really need a break from these constant angst-creating envelopes.  Every bloody day!!!  Sheesh.

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I bought a shredder

it's very useful for letters you don't want to read

honestly buying shredder has spared me lots of stress!

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Shredder's a good shout.

I have no incentive though

I have a friend with a shredder.

I take my shreddables to his house.  I shred whilst he gives me wine and brandy.

At home it's more washing up and hoovering.  Or at least the thought of it.