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feeling ill.
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Hope you get better soon; Uneasy, that situation, guess it's best to just leave it be. ;)

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Hope you get a good nights sleep and stave off whatever bug you are fighting...
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Snap. Managed a lovely day with family but now full of cold and a chest like wet sand sad

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Hey Shakeela, I'm not wholly sure which situation you're referring to, but I'm going to take a guess at the old buddy situation!  It's ok - just really weird.  She's a lovely woman.  I have no bad feeling towards her.  If I reply it has to be in writing anyway, as she wrote her address on the back of the envelope and I have no other means of contact!!

Thanks all for the well wishes.  It's half some nasty hospital bug I think (our local A&E is rife with illness), and half, possibly, hangover. 

Jonathan, I hope you feel better soon.  Sand and bodies really shouldn't mix past the toes, in my opinion.

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Rosie and ponathon,

get well real soon

cos it's Christmas smile

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ow! sorry tying glitch yikes

I mean Jonathon

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Ponathan is the pondering Jonathan we all know and love.

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You know what I'm tempted to say, but get very drunk soon.



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Ha ha, aw ra... drunk

Getting there Neon, probably there.

C'mon, be brave, say hello on the other side wink