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Oh dear.

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Oh dear oh dear.

Yes, exactly what I thought.  Get a grip.  A good title, given the circumstances.

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Here, drink this.  It's gin.

Come on, is chrismas.  The salmon was cold.  thas ok tho'

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How apt.  Ruinous.

Yes.  Smoked.  Lemon.  Pepper.  S'all good.

Bags of watercress today.  Must... clean... blood.

Gin and ginger tam's all in one day.  I must've done summit very good indeed.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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Hi Rosie,

Christmas seems to be just one long drinking episode for me too, and I don't need much encouragement. I know what you mean about feeling poisoned. dead 

Take care,


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Thanks two-T Matt.  You take care too.

'tis tricky, the drink thing.

I seem to need no encouragement at all.

Needs must, sometimes.


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Plan, like me, to give it up after the horror of the festivties. wink


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It's a nice idea Neon.

I should.  For sure.

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Maybe I should be drinking instead of eating kilos of chocolate and biscuits that are in the house! smile Anyway...take care all, and lets try and catch Xmas fun and dodge the Xmas stress smile)

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Yes, festive fun.  Fingers crossed. 

Oddly I just walked to the bank and found myself unable to stop grinning.

Must be some joy spreading going on wink