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Marmite and stilton on toast!!

Are you mad??


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A Christmas treat if ever there was one!

I am mad.

But that concoction is not.  It is genius.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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Like that blues track. That photo of the canyon! Couldn't see a man (think the right hand side of my brain is actually missing completely).

Stilton and Marmite....... Now I think about it that could really work.


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Ha ha... marmite and stilton is as close to genius as anyone could hope to get, honestly.  But it must be grilled.

Do you want me to tell you where the man is?! 

Ha ha, sorry about all that crap.  There may be more to come.  I'm trying to delete my Forwarders folder on yahoo.  It's too big and I never forward them.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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Yes. Where is the man?

If my brain is all left side what does that mean? tongueout



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Start bottom right corner.

Move six beans to the right.

Look up slightly.

His nose rests upon the sixth bean.

(Though, I admit the second bean which I am counting as a bean, is disputable.  Dispute if you wish, but I was happier with the even number anyway).

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If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!!!

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My right side is undeveloped too.

It does stuff like facial recognition and coping with new situations...

It also affects your spoken language...

I don't know how much they really know.  I'm not quick to trust when it comes to brain studies.

Frustrating for my tutors given that it is what I generally choose to study.  ;)

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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Tried bottom right but realised that would include beans not actually in the picture at allwink. Tried bottom left, went right, as you said, found him!

Think I need to practice.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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That makes sense. Coping with new situations is really hard for me.

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But happy.

Better than previous diagnosis for sure wink

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Ha ha, argh!!  Sorry, yes, left.  I still have to hold my left hand up to make an L-shape to determine direction - and I forgot to.  When in doubt or being lazy I always choose right.  Sorry.  Your logic brain is obviously in good working order!

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Oh, Matt, glad you liked the Blues...

Cashman is a very funny and entertaining bloke; deserves a plug from time to time.

He records some right old shit as well.