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It's nearly six.

I've been listening to music for hours.

Last night I had less than two hours sleep.  The night before less than four.

Today nothing.

I have gone for four days with no sleep before, save the mini sleeps which occur without knowledge and at bizarre times.

I need to be in town to meet people in five hours.  But haven't started the sleep thing yet.

This is bad.  I am labelled a chronic insomniac, but really this is bad.  Neither alcohol nor pill, nor combination, nor usage in isolation, is having any effect at all.

I am awake.  Everything is buzzing except for my eyes.

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I tried skipping sleep for one night in every 14; this lasted only ten weeks. I then pretty much collapsed for four/five days. I don't care when I sleep though, preferring to be  up and alert if I wish, then sleep away the afternoon. The night in particular I like for the sense of space it gives, time to reflect instead of doing.

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Rosie....that's worrying...hope you are okay...and just hope you don't need to operate any heavy machinery today! What I am really saying is just be careful...we get more accident prone with lack of sleep. And we are more likely to succumb to a cold or something. So hope your catch up sleep comes very soon. smile

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This is why I am such a clutz; don't worry, no machinery involved!

I don't mind when or where I sleep either.  The difficulty is that it is rare the two come together in such a way that I am able to.  Last night was particularly bad.  Too many thoughts.  But I'm ok! 

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Glad you can still function. I only managed 2.5 hours sleep last night, just because of a late night and early wake up call and I feel as though only part of my brain is in gear. I might add I normally sleep well for several hours unless disturbed. In fact I think everything goes into complete shutdown. Hope you catch up soon. sleepy

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You know when all those thoughts are buzzing in your head, write them down, get them out.  Hopefull once they're on paper they will circulate less in your head and you can work them out during the awake hours. Now i'm off to take my own advice. ;)

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Hey Rosie smile

Me thinks you're heading for a marathon sleep some time.  Take care and hope you get through the day ok.

Sue xx

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Comment from Emily on post below (which I am about to delete) for Wren...

Didn't see your post Wren before I posted on Joyce's message.
Christmas time seems such a difficult bind!! I don't know. But, it is my belief that the people less able to deceive themselves and pretend everything is hunky dory are the ones who are disturbed and made uneasy by all the artifice around. Its a compliment, however, a compliment that might sometimes be wished wasn't the case. I know what I'm talking about, but i ain't sure it's got any relevance here!! But, hey Ho, I trust people here to interpret my rambling generously xxx.
I like it here talking to real people, even if it is ' only ' online written. I think people here are intelligent to know the differences, and interesting, and most of all, brave...

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Joyce, oh dear!  You didn't fare much better than me.  I hope you get better rest tonight.

Shakeeli, yes, sound advice. 

Sue, oh how I hope so!!!