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In one, today, there was a man.  His jaw-skin had flopped over his jaw in the way that only the eternally-miserable can achieve.  When asked if he had been working today, he said no.  When asked if he was working tomorrow, he raised his chin from his chest, and said No, I'm just trying to enjoy life.  I struggled to maintain composure.
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Yh, it was nice meeting you. 

 I'm sorry for all that, tho.

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S'ok.  Skin is skin.  Cheer the fuck up though!

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Hi Rosie..ooh..you swore..excellent!smile..I remembered this

song..'Never tire of the road' Andy Irvine(used to be in Planxty)..there's a great duet in there somewhere..oh and 'The Blackbird'-Sharon Shannon(this would sound brilliant played Appalachian stylee). Anthony.

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Hi Anthony,

Yes, I know, whoops. 

Great lyrics to that first track.  The second one would be good on banjo.  I love the way it changes half-way through.

Cheers, R