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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

The trouble with sleeping

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is that there then is not enough time to get everything done!
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Ingrid Snow

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Hi Rosie,

I know the feeling, but then the edges of reality begin to blur if I get less than 5 hours sleep a night, 7 is good for me most nights.

I like your choise of music, The calamity cubes came first for me. The lead guy's got a good voice, works well with the banjo players voice too. There double bass player's,... how should I say it,... very active!big grin

I liked The Hakensaw Boys aswell, interesting selection of musical intruments, Re: tin cans!

Jayke Orvis, high octain stuff!

Paper shades, I probably wasn't in the right mood for.

Look forward to more of your musical suggestions


Trumpet playing, 2013


... just been looking at my Fb stuff - blocked a few 'feeds' as you hinted! Saw ur msg about recorders, you should type like that herebig grin ffs, I mam, c'mon we're all adults aren't you (he he)? Do I count as a study buddy in the context of cheap plastic records btw? Sorry for being so enthusiastic but I can play the damn thing and was tootling Telemann last night....ah well - latersapprove
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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All new to me Jody, but enjoyed 'em all. smile

Pete, yes, you fitted the category!  Though I can't deny that London's burning came back to me alarmingly quickly...