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It's time to face myself, again.
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Trumpet playing, 2013


...wot to say? Sh!l, I hope it gets better. Not a great deal of use really, but I feel for you there as I had these sorts of probs a while back. Now I'm divorced and Carol is better off without...! Being somewhat lacking in any fixed ideas of what I want nowadays, I suppose it's easy for me to saythoughtful.

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Thanks Pete.  Do you like to be called Pete by the way?  I notice it is not your fb name.

I'm ok now, by the way.  Just a brief wobble!  I have them often, but I'm pretty good at sorting them out quickly!

Trumpet playing, 2013

Oh good, & yeah...I know

...there's a story to it, as always I suppose! Fb name is a now obviously failed disguise! Pete is good tho..(eh, is he??hmmm...?) but collipet is/was my 'online persona' when gaming in the old days so I use it when I cancool! I'ts on the other blog as well....

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Ah.  Well whichever you prefer is fine by me.