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If you didn't laugh

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you'd cry.  Not smart Rosie.

I know what I've done though.  I do understand that this is not likely to be a fairytale.

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We all have moments when we do things that are, shall we say, less than optimal. Where we do things that we regret in the morning, where we 'push the envelope of sense'.

And then we have you Rosie! What the hell were you thinking writing that? You do realize that we can't ever make that go away?

Still, only pricks give up on their friends. And you and I Rosie, whatever we are ain't no pricks. I'm here.

So, what are you [we?] going to do?

?And, perhaps something I should have thought about; how are you?




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It is likely to be a fairy tale; I suggest you  reasearch the Danish varieties of.... [Or more importantly watch Sherlock on bbci!! Just do. Just do!]


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What does Nellie represent in terms of signature then?

I know.  What the Hell was I thinking?  I was sober too.  I don't know.  I wasn't thinking.  It just got out of hand.

I am a bit of a prick, let's be honest!  Where you say goodbye to the circus I am forced to say hello!

I'm ok.  Spinning, a bit.  Thanks.


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Yes, what are we going to do?

I don't know.

Fuck me, I really am an idiot sometimes.

Ah well, 'tis done now! 

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No sleep for Rosie tonight!! Actually, yes, you still need to try and get some sleep Rosie...sleep is most important of all. I hope to read that you got at least 4 hours. That's an order!

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I might well get four hours, but much later!  I'm a bit wired at the moment! 

I'm trying to drink myself calm, but it's proving slow to take effect.  My mind is on fire and I'm not sure anything can dampen it.  I'll keep trying.

Oh dear! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I should not be allowed to access the Internet!  Ever!


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Hi Rosie,

Reading this almost brings tears to my eyes, because of what I went through with the man on my birth certificate. I want to be able to help you, to guide you, but I havn't got a clue because everybodies experiences are different. I hope It all works out for you, and all this emotional torcher can stop. but whether or not it work out, I'm here for you as a blogg friend.

When are you coming to Glasgow? I don't live too far from there, if you'd like to meet up, drop me an email.


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Hey Jody,

Don't worry.  Although it was an unexpected move on my part, I have no high hopes for this situation.  I want it to be resolved, but am fully aware that it may well not work out in the way I would like it to.  In fact, it likely won't!

Thanks for your concern.  I am constantly phased by the number of honest and genuine people I come across in this strange little online world!

Glasgow is but a flying visit to see some banjo.  I do visit every year though, if not more.  I think this time a new face might just prove too much for me (I am very bad at stuff like that!), but nonetheless, thank you for the offer, and who knows, this time, next time, maybe! 

Take care yourself, Rosie x


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Hi Rosie,

No problem, have a great time in Glasgowwink