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I'm on a train

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And I'm on the Internet.  Sheesh!
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I nearly said last night that maybe you could catch up sleep on the train. It's amazing really how some people can manage without a proper amount of sleep....I can most of the time, but then there will be a tipping point where sleep just 'must' happen....anyway enough sleep talk for now ( though one day I might do a pretend assignment on it and find out as much as possible ) I so recognise your little strop last night...less familiar environment, Al misunderstanding about what you did and suddenly you can't bear being in close proximity??? I did a very similar thing at the Munich beer festival once! Very lost, drunken German speaking men...also ended up a bit scared which is not like me. But, I don't feel the need to escape quite so drastically anymore..Maybe age?? Probably also better at predicting what situations and what element of situations lead to such feeling. However you and Al are much better at resolving a situation than I used to be.... Love mussels....moules and frites!! Anyway, maybe delete this when you read it...not fair for me to try to read your situation like this, especially when I might have got it well wrong!!
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

Spot on!

With the sleep thing I can go for a long time, but then invariably I will sleep through an entire day every few months.

Yes, you're right about my Friday night strop.  I haven't had one like that in a while.  Funnily enough, having worked with people with autism and having an excellent knowledge of the rage cycle, I never spotted it in myself until it was pointed out by my psych team.  I am usually better at controlling myself these days, but as you say, Glasgow is unfamiliar, and my issue was that I didn't want to have to knock on the door of the hotel room.  It felt like being at the mercy of someone else and that is not a feeling I am comfortable with.

Al is very good with me when I kick off like that and is one of the only people who is able to bring me down.  I generally have no recollection of the majority of the rage period.  Unfortunately, once there, I am prone to doing very stupid things, and jogging the streets of Glasgow in the middle of the night is a perfect example!

I don't cope well with new environments at the best of times.  The period leading up to going away is incredibly difficult for me, but I force myself to do it, because these experiences make me happy overall.

When I had run far enough to calm down, I looked around me, and realised I was completely lost.  I had no idea which way I had been running.  It's a scary feeling.  But somehow less scary than the thought of being trapped in a hotel room with another person. 

I, like you, am improving.  This used to be a regular thing.  I used to be running up our local hills in the middle of the night on a regular basis, two or three times a month.  I'm incredibly lucky that I've never come to any real harm. 

Ah well, what's done is done!

Jameela Bi

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Glad you sorted it, I guess that's what it comes down to, how you  deal with it. xx

The comment about the Glaswegian being spat out by the lift is one I won't forget in a hurry, lol!

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Ha ha, yes, I was chuckling away like a madwoman!  Bizarre, but very funny!

I hope you're feeling better J?