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I've broken

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all of the laptops.
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Well, personally i think thats a good idea, only if they are PCs...I'm a mac girl myself...

how are things with you?

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I'm both.  Find OU stuff easier on a pc, music stuff on the mac.

I'm better now that I have a replacement, thanks!

And yourself?

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Glad you're all sorted with your laptop. I'm really good, going to start writing in a minute, I want to finish the section on poetry today. What is your course like?

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I don't know!  I haven't opened a text book yet!  Today my plan is to get all of the software on the computer, and then maybe tomorrow I will start.  I meant to start on Monday, but somehow time has passed me by, as ever!

Out of interest, do you just read the one-liners on this blog, or do you click the links within them?

Good luck with the poetry.  It sounds quite complicated judging by the blog entries, but very interesting.

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I read the one liners and then if it catches me i click on the link and read more......

i am loving the poetry bit, never thought i would but its good, not long enough but really good.....

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I'm sure there are other courses with more in that area!