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Have things changed?

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It used to be that clicking on a student's name in the forums would get you access to their blog if they had one... doesn't seem to be the case now since the new website came into play?
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Hi Rosie,

I can still get to people's blogs via the forum if they have marked them as visable. Most people, it appears, either don't use their blog or don't want anyone to see it. I'd say clicking on only 1 name out of 10 reveals a viewable blog. This probably differs from course to course though. I'm quite surprised that people doing creative writing don't appear to keep visible blogs.




ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Oh right, thanks.

It always used to say view so-and-so's blog, and you would click on it, and then you'd get a message to say you didn't have access.  I preferred it that way. 

Never mind!

The tongue thing hasn't worn thin yet then?!  Ha ha smile

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..or something I guess..! As I'm in 2 forums, I can see that TA212 (new style) is different from before. What seems to have changed is what's displayed when clicking the link  - the 'old' style forum is still the same. When doing my Profile (online appearance) I get separate options for each module, but as to why this is maybe 'IT' know....? It explains that there is this difference, and to be aware of it!
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Yo!  wink

I'm not really bothered about the change in format.  I just thought we'd lost access to other people's blogs.  But if it's just a visibility thing as Matt says then it's really no different to before. 

I'm over it! smile

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yep indeed..

..its not quite as easy is all I see as a prob. 'Cause when I see a 'new' bod I don't get to their blog in the way I'm used to...sad
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Not really sure what to say...

.. about the important things in your life tho.... thoughtful I see your fb updates, and am avoiding the issues 'case I say the wrong thingblush
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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There is no right or wrong Pete, so don't worry.

It's unknown territory!

If you think of all the wrong things that can be said or done, I've already got the T-shirt!