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just not ready!
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Hi Rosie..hope your well..don't be hurt so much..take what you can from such experiences..there is love there I rthink..use that..oh

Carolina Chocolate Drops..terrible name for a great little band..

Rory MacLeod-do you like this fella? he is brilliant,I've seen him a few times..songs-Farming Womans War and

                                       Love Like a Rock..too good!


Gillian Wilkinson

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Buenos dias Rosie, well, you could say there would never be the perfect time but this sounds like a lot of pots of glue you have in your head with all sorts of things that have kept it stuck on there. Maybe this is starting to unstick things and maybe then they will all form some kind of pile of lovely thoughts, not neccessarily in a perfect order, who wants that? but you will be able to pull off easily the bits that you don't want there! Keep going..


ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Hi Anthony,

I'll be fine!  Hope you're ok?

I have not heard of Rory McLeod.  Just listening to Love Like a Rock... brilliant, thanks for that.

Thanks Gillian...  I just don't know what's going on anymore.  Things are spinning out of control!