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freaking out, so some posts are now password protected.
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Or right? You can't go through your life hiding, that's for antelopes.

OK this is awful, but awful today and not having to worry about it being awful tomorrow for the rest of your natural? Eh?

The problem with writing is that you're asking for some kind of resolution, even if you pretend to yourself that you aren't.

I suggest a small shot of a favoured cordial, your favourite angry me about them song [that's mine] and and an early night. When the sun comes up tomorrow, if you feel the same, then is the time to run.



ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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I'm not hiding.  Even my mother can ask for the password if she wishes.  I just need warning, just for now.

I cannot take another shock!

I'll take the password thing off in a while.

I just want to get through tomorrow without the fear of any interference.

And perhaps the biological meeting as well.

I want to make up my own mind.

Great song.  Very apt too.

I've had that sung at me many times!