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ROSIE Rushton-Stone

It's a sad day

Visible to anyone in the world
but it's nearly over.
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Dear God

Rosie, you do realize that you have commited the ultimate faux pas, it's just so rude not push the spaceman off the cliff...

He went home gutted I expect...


Cheer up, things will be worse tomorrow.

Take care R


ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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I must have said to my mate three or four times I really want to push him!! 

It was truly strange.

She denied he was an alien to start with, but then he started beeping.

I managed not to sing a rendition of there's a starman waiting on the hill.  You have to count your blessings in these situations.

I did say to my mate that it would be cool if we'd happened to have a spiderman and a superman costume on us, and then we could've stood either side of him, and just waited to see what happened. 

Unfortunately we'd left them at home.

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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I have to admit, I LOVED this when I first hit senior school!  Ha ha.