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Edited by ROSIE Rushton-Stone, Sunday, 7 Oct 2012, 06:58

After many months of battles of varying magnitudes it seems that this evening my blog access has been reinstated.

I don't know how I feel.  Wronged, certainly.  But I shall have to let it go.  With time.

It was a truly crap experience to be isolated from everybody right at the end of my studies. 

That crucial moment. 

So I have finished.  My final piece of work has gone...  Assuming that I pass, the degree is mine.  It's over. 

Nonetheless, it would appear that I am officially "back".

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Yay Rosie smile !!

Great to have you back, but sorry it took so long and that you missed out at the most vital time in your studies.  I've missed you on the OU blogsphere and am sure many others have too.

Take care,

Sue xx



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Yah hooooo! Welcome back.



ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Hey guys!

Thanks... smile

It feels weird to be back!  My heart actually went a little bit when I saw the "new blog post" button had reappeared... a little bit of a disbelieving "f*ck!"... probably best not to start swearing on here in my first half an hour!  A mature star instead... see how much has changed, ho ho.

I've missed you guys too, very much.  Thanks for your support over the months of, hmm, let's call it nonsense.  Indeed, no choice but to pretend to move on.

I'm having a headphone night, by the way.  To settle my nerves you understand!



ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Well since I was last here my curry house closed down sad sad

I'm lost as to what to do!  I've tried a few others but none come close.  I have to admit though, I went to a 'Spoons curry night recently and their vindaloo was at the very least HOT.  'Spoons round here mean underage idiots and fights, hence the negative judgement.  But so far they top the scoville rating.  No take away though, and that is a definite issue.

Damn!  I want a curry now!!

Actually, I made an amazing curry last week... no, seriously!  Took me all bloody day though.  And that's a lot of cooking-induced drinking... I have vague recollections of the dinner guests arriving... ha ha, just kidding.

Very jealous anyway.


ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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There are three here.  I was adamant there were only two, but having been in the third I now have to acknowledge an ex-real pub has indeed been taken over.  Some people claim there are more than three but I am having none of it. 

Ours also do not have reputations to take any pride in.  I haven't stepped foot in one for years, and then two in one week!  Actually, I did go in one in Gloucester a month or so ago.  Sometimes, in the day, it's hard to know you're in one, what with all the strange snazzy names they give themselves.  Once the menus disappear the only clue is in the drink prices and the other people present, and by that point it's all a bit blurry...

I can't deny the curry was up to scratch in the heat department though.  It made me cry, just a little.  Enough to still be getting mocked for crying in 'spoons.  I must get some new friends! wink

The one I had the curry in had a karaoke going on... I can hardly begin to explain... were you a part of a similar atrocity?!  I was genuinely shocked.  It was like the most spectacular X-factor bloopers show.  Very large girls wearing very few clothes doing "sexy" dancing whilst "singing".  I might have cried then as well; I'm not sure.  I was out with an old Yorkshireman and an old Irishman and neither could contain their horror any more than I could.  I dread to think how those one-night stands worked out.  Not particularly rhythmic I'm guessing.  Sheesh!

Gillian Wilkinson

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Really lovely to see you back Rosie. And congratulations on finishing your degree...bien echo. Will you miss it or are you glad to be finished?


ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Hi Gillian... thanks smile

For now I am relieved to be free and enjoying the freedom, but it doesn't usually take long for boredom to creep in...

My attitude to the OU has changed a little over recent months, but then as an "educator" it has done me proud, and I suspect a few months back here will give me back the overly positive perspective I have always held in the past.  I have to wait for my results... there's always a chance I'll fail and have no choice but to study for another year! wink

I hope all is well with you xx

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Wow that's a step-up (or a step-down) from what I witnessed.  That sounds like a situation where morbid fascination cannot help but raise its inappropriate head!

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Yoohoo, Rosie you're back! Good to see you here again, you've been missed big grin Salma x
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Thank you Salma!  It's very surreal right now, but it's lovely to have been welcomed so quickly! xx
Joyce Rae

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Glad to see you back and up and running. I don't come around here much these days so I'll se you elsewhere. wink

Lovely skirt

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Doh! Late again.

Sooooo pleased to see you back. Yaaay!

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Thanks JR smile

And thanks Roo!  I really missed "seeing" you guys.  xx

Jameela Bi

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Haha!  Welcome back!  xxx
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Ha ha indeed!! Thanks J, x

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Glad you're back, didn't realise it was a ban, thought you were on an OU blog break.  Good luck with the degree.
ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Hello Cathy,

A suspension on my account was put in place after I made a formal harassment complaint.  In order to prevent communication from either party both accounts were suspended. 

My feelings on the matter remain muddled.

I'm glad to be back though, finally.  Nice to hear from you.