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Who decides who is right and who is wrong?

Who controls YOU?

Who controls this?

NOT ME... that's for sure...

Who gets informed of future bullshit having put in a formal complaint?  Who deserves warning of returning assailants?  Who deserves facts?  Well apparently nobody... nobody who complains... because common to all universities the outcome is not accessible to the victim.

Is this a system I want to be a part of... NO.  Is it one I have friends within, YES.


Am I enjoying the road trip otherwise... oh yes!

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Lovely skirt

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What a staggeringly strange life it is.
Bren P

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Not having a sense of closure is HIGHLY irritating!

The LA tried to do the same with me when I put a formal complaint in against my son's school. Worked with me but refused to discuss outcome.

So, I took the school to tribunal, the LA to the ombudsman and won with both. I've sinced used the knowledge gained to help others.

They say that everything happens for a reason, maybe my destiny was to get involved. Don't know what yours might me, that's your journey to have.

Keep on with the Froggy piccies!

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Indeed it is Roo.

Yes, Bren, that's exactly it... no sense of closure.  The frustration bubbles away and surfaces now and then.

More froggy pics today!