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You seem to have put this comment in a post way back for some reason?

Anyway, what's done is done??  Ha!  Yes, well for you I'm sure that's true as you have done this to many people many times.  So, from your point of view, you should be able to go about your life harassing and threatening people for months on end, and then when you get bored and move on to a new victim, you believe the previous one should let it go without so much as an apology or acknowledgement of what has happened?  Ha!  Yes, I bet you do. 

I don't think you have any right to be here.  And after what you have done to me, there will never be a time when seeing your name on this site will not make me feel physically sick.

At least you made me smile.  Being told to grow up by you... well I can't finish that sentence without going off on one, so I guess I'll leave it with a smile. smile

I see you starting to play your little game with another student now.  The OU won't be blind to who you are forever. 

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Well it only stayed up for a few minutes, but it's a start I guess.

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Of course, it wasn't a six-month ban.  It was a six-month investigation, during which time I also lost all of my rights to access the Uni sites, which came right at the end of my studies and at a time when I truly needed support.  Thankfully student friends continued to support me away from this site.  That was not a punishment.

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Rosie, I am watching and I am aware.

One of the biggest issues, I think, is that you take people at face value - take the words as if they carry no real meaning.

I started out quite liking the person, then that person started pointing fingers, using names. With the knowledge I now have, I see a person who wants to inflict pain and create humiliation.

The posts are no longer about you, nor creative writing, they are about a deeper loathing of womankind. I find the posts vile, sexist and bullying.

Free speech on the forums, well yes. There are a number of posters whose words I find offensive, over-use of profanities for example, but I can choose not to read them. Aimed posts at individuals - no, most definitely not.


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Hey Bren,

I am learning, thanks!

Starve them, right?

Good advice, and I shall continue to endeavour to do so. I'm pleased to find that the same feelings are evoked when others are bullied though. I don't like bullies, and it makes no odds who their words are aimed at, as to how strong my internal response is. Unfortunately I have always been compelled to fight them. But online there is little point. I will slowly come to understand that.

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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I came to the same conclusion...

Really hard not react to ... something.


take care,

Matt x

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Very hard Matt, but you've shown you can do it.  And there's a strong group of decent people here, all of whom will stand up for each other.  Try to just carry on as normal.  There is a silver lining to all of this... like scares of like...

You are a most valued contributor.  And friend.  Stuff 'em. 

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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Thanks Rosie, smile 

There really is a silver lining. It's given me a great first line for a short story.

First I was angry. Then I was bemused. Then I thought, actually, it is a pretty good line. Now I've just incorporated it into something else.

All good. Well, not good really - but productive. Don't think I'll post it though. Would only inflame matters. Then again, maybe it wouldn't. I really have no idea! Best play safe though. Maybe keep it back for submission to a magazine? Mind you, I'd have to find a magazine that doesn't mind really foul language! big grin 



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Now that truly is a silver lining.  I look forward to the finished piece, wherever it may end up being printed.  Magazine, book...

Things seem to have quietened down for the time being.  Though, the night is yet young!

Take care, and enjoy your night of inspiration.  Long may it last.


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Hi Rosie I'm really concerned about all this. Are you ok? You have been a great support to me over the years and I hate seeing you and other students being treated like this. It's not right. Sue x

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Hey Sue,

Don't be worried.  I'm fine, and for a change not particularly feeling any desire to retaliate.  There're a lot of us keeping our eyes open though. 

We're all watching each other's backs, and that says a lot for the community that was, and no doubt will be again.  And you too are a big part of that.

Ol said to me the other day... think what Joyce or Sue would do... they would rise above it! 

Take care xx

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Hi again Rosie You're made of strong stuff. As you say, we're watching. You have many friends on here. We're with you Rosie. Sue xx

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One for all, all for one! wink

One of the very few expressions where the Latin remains in my memory banks.  Primarily because I like the omni root.  A happy sounding word, with a nice visual accompaniment, for me.


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I have apologised in full now.