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and teeth and spices.  And feeling poorly sick.  But the pâté was a success and the banjo's back out of its case.

Happy days.

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The guitar sits across the room looking for all the world as if someone picks it up and plays more than once a month sad

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Poor guitar sad

If you're not in the mood to play, you should at least strum it every time you walk past, so s/he knows s/he's not forgotten.  I've been known to do that with my banjos on many an occasion.


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Hope you feel better soon Rosie. Glad to hear you're trying new things. Sue xx

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Youngest (15) has just started to play. Hubby has started him off with the simplest of tunes - Smoke on the Water, lol!

Should he keep it up, hubby will make him his own guitar....

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Thanks Sue!

Bren, what an unusual first choice!  Good for them.  And hats off to anyone who can build their own instruments.  I could watch my luthier all day every day and never get bored.

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Yeah, but I have bits of guitars all over the house! Hubby picks up bits as he sees them eg book-matched flame maple veneers, fancy pick-ups and frets, body blanks etc etc etc. All need storing indoors so the damp doesn't get to them.....

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Ah, I see.  Smart move.  I do similar things myself.