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I'm off to do my own version of meals on wheels.  Meals on legs, I guess. 

Last night I went to a proper old-fashioned village bonfire night... guys and everything.  I haven't seen that in many, many years.

Anyway, keep smiling smile

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Guys and Bonfires? Rosie you need to get out more; I know Somerset is rural but thats just ridiculous getting excited by seeing members of the opposite sex and fire.
Bren P

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Treacle toffee too? Oooh I used to love that stuff!

Dunno about meals on legs, I'm having trouble motivating myself to get some milk for the kids dinner tonight (gammon, cauli & cheese sauce).....

ROSIE Rushton-Stone

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Ha, Nathan, I read this just before I left the house... put a smile on my face!  I was in a Gloucestershire village... does that excuse the excitement?! 

No treacle toffee Bren... sad ...I think it's frowned upon nowadays.  Bonfire toffee is the very best.  My mother used to know a secret shop somewhere in her neck of the woods that made wonderful bonfire toffee.  None for me this year!  I believe there were rancid apples dipped in something sugary somewhere though... there were certainly children asking for money with that in mind.

I've done my deliveries now.  I'm not sure how helpful one of them was, because I left the meal in his fridge but then I stole a chocolate biscuit.  He knows I do that, incidentally - he leaves them out for me in the misguided belief that I need feeding up.  Fair's fair I guess; it was an exchange of sorts.

Now I suspect that I need feeding but the will to cook for anybody else has entirely left me.

Hope you got the milk ok, or you'll have either a very thick, or a very watery sauce on your hands!  Or should I say in your mouth.  Enjoy anyway. smile

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Yes Gloucestershire definately explains a lot; they still burn witches in Gloucestershire!