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Brexit effect on the role of English

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An interesting view of the implications of Brexit on the English language:


I suspect he is overstating the effect it will have but clearly Brexit will have a negative effect on Britain's role in the world.

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Maria Strange

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Brexit will have an effect on Britai, I am sure. But whether English is loosing its importance? Although I wouln't use it as statistical source, the European Song Context showed a different picture.

Patrick Andrews

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Thanks for the comment, Maria

English will surely continue to be an important language but I would have thought Brexit will reduce its importance to at least some extent.

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Brexit will have no effect on the popularity of English, but it will color the spelling thru Europe.  Ameringlish will become the only acceptable form.

Patrick Andrews

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Thanks for the comment, Simon

I expect Brexit to reduce the influence of English to a limited extent.  As you write, American English (and perhaps other varieties of English) will sometimes tend to be even more influential within the world of English.


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hmm, interesting but from information in 2 OU modules I've recently studied wishful thinking,

according to interviews with non British EU ministers in one OU module, they like using their version of English as a lingua franca and as some said it is different from English as spoken by native speakers infact native speakers could find they do not understand some of it,

the EU is supposed to embrace the language of all member countries and be a multilingual community, supposed,

changing a lingua franca does happen, once Latin was a lingua franca but it takes time for change to happen, Frances

Patrick Andrews

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Thanks for the comment, Frances

As well as world languages, there are those that are influential within regions and I would have thought that German and French will become more influential within the EU and this will affect the use of English.  Why would people use English as much when the largest English speaking country is no longer in the EU (Ireland will still be an English speaking country)?