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Assumptions about digital technologies #1

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Edited by Anita Naoko Pilgrim, Tuesday, 26 Sept 2017, 10:10

This is a quick skim through some articles I read over the summer, mainly by economists, in which I explore three assumptions I think people make about computerised (digital) technology.

The more complex and exciting technology is, the better it is.

If you are cooking a meal, a potato peeler is useful, although you would of course rather have the Starship Enterprise.

Here we see an unfortunate robot which came unstuck at a task which humans normally take in our stride (literally).

Screenshot of BBC news item: Robot 'drowns' in fountain mishap


BBC, 2017. Robot ‘drowns’ in fountain mishap [online]. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40642968 (accessed 26/09/2017).

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re 'The more complex and exciting technology is, the better it is'. This comment is for those who feel that a day without challenge is not worth getting out of bed for ... and .... things that go right are boring. I might agree that there is more learning from things that go wrong and which need to be rectified - I might be better prepared for, and confident about, the future. I should also refer to the sense of achievement involved in conquering technology. Being self-employed can cast a different hue on the gratitude of technology failing. When I hit a rock, it usually takes at least a day to resolve - which tends to cloud the gratitude. It must be wonderful to subscribe to the quoted statement - I wish I could and did - though I', not always sure. I have always liked technology but feel it hates me ..... alanw
Black cat sitting up in bed with a pink blanket

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Thanks, Alan smile

Like you, I want technology to enable me to achieve tasks in hand more efficiently. I sometimes think that people get very excited about the technology for its own sake. If it's shiny and complicated and costs a lot, it can seem really attractive.

My tv is a bit like that. I do enjoy the big screen we have, but actually my daughter and I have no need for a button saying 'football' on the remote control big grin (No idea what this does, we have never used it. If it had said 'cooking programmes' - or 'rugby', we would have tried it out by now and might possibly have found it useful - although not worth spending a lot of time or money on.)