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Video on the benefits of tutorials

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A video has been produced to discuss the benefits of attending tutorials.  The speaker was one of my students last year and showed great levels of initiative and drive by travelling for several hours to attend my tutorials.  The video can be found at:


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Rosa Monclus

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Yes I agree with Antonetta Greco, the face to face tutorials really do help to get a better grasp of the subject and I enjoy attending the tutorials and always bring any questions I have with me. So using them as an opportunity to clear up any questions you have on your module is a very good idea. You also meet people that are interested in the same subjects and can share experiences and this helps widen your perspective.


Patrick Andrews

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She used to travel a long way to tutorials (I think about two hours each way) and others did too.  It is not surprising that she and other very committed students did very well on the course.

I appreciate the effort you made in coming to the recent L101 tutorial, Rosa.