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Second assignment in and my first 5* review on Amazon!

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I have been working extremely hard on assignment two; script work has been very new to me but quite eye-opening and gave a new perspective. With things that I write, I do tend to see it in my mind's eye like a movie anyway, so to actually write as if in a movie, has further focused what I wish the audience to perceive. I do find the commentary harder, as I could write a lot about the process of construction, the learning, the enjoyment, the subject area that I chose. I just hope the person reading my script and the work that I put into it, finds it interesting. As for the EMA plan; I left it up to my social followings to choose a subject area - they are quite an interesting mix of people and I had quite a few ideas! After a few days, they settled on a point-of-view shifting perspectives story involving a stalker ex and his victim. Then, after a few glasses of red wine, whilst laying in a candle-lit piping-hot bath, with an acoustic-cover playlist playing, the story came to me! POW - I wanted the audience to feel that sensory explosion, so, I had to recreate synaesthesia from the stalker. Anyway, I am not going to give too much away. The idea is solid though! 

As I have written before, I have a published book on Amazon "Black Moon Rises: The First Book" - very proud if I do say so myself. After a horrendous 2018 filled with the biggest loss of my life, I had promised that I would move forward, and I did. I published my first book, I learnt to drive and I am doing my masters. After casually making notes for book two, I saw that I had my first review and it was a 5 star one from a verified purchaser, they had also asked when will book two be released. 

Now I don't know about you, but the second book is way harder to write! So I am making notes on the various strands that I left open, taking what I learnt from book one and everything that I have been learning from this course and trying to make book two THAT MUCH BETTER. 

On top of it all, I have the EMA to think about, and another book but of a different style that has been littering up my iphone notes. As well as a year's worth of interviews and notes pertaining to the adult industry that I really much translate into something. The insight has been incredible, and I did them because the psychology has always fascinated me, the fringes of society and the hidden world that is more common than you think. It has opened my eyes for sure! The things I could tell you...

Anyways, I thought i'd check in as I have really been meaning to! 


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