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TMA03 - the group work assignment - is done. It's been a blast and a trial.

I am truly impressed by what we have devised and created. If it were a real product I would have high hopes for it being successful.

But the last week has felt somewhat anti-climactic. We (sensibly) got everything we needed to do finished by the end of last week and left this week for us to write our individual reflections.

And it's felt oddly chilled!

I didn't feel too stressed. I wasn't rewriting sentences and paragraphs until the early hours of the morning. I submitted it - unsure that it was exactly what was required - without fanfare, relief or panic!

Anyway - onwards to block 4.

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strong girls club!

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I suspected all along that if we worked hard on the group work, the individual reflection would write itself. It's a but like The Neverending Story in that respect ;)

Anna Greathead

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Who knows!

I am beginning to suspect they write deliberately vague instructions so we have room for creativity and interesting interpretations!