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Edited by Geoff Cooper, Saturday, 16 Nov 2019, 12:13

Why is it, that things are so clear during a sleepless night but get lost on waking in the fog of morning? Except that this morning is as clear outside as can be, my distant mountains are in sharp focus and it is the first TMA that is cloudy, lost in the mists. I went to bed late - always a mistake - slept briefly, then lay awake planning in some detail how I would tackle the TMA. I knew how I was going to approach the assignment, what its topic would be, what tone I would adopt, what voice, how it would be shaped, the commentary was in the mental planning stage, although in my head I was having difficulty limiting it to 500 words (long on explanations and justifications, short on the ability to be concise), I knew where my research would be coming from, I was fairly sure about where it would lead, what it would reveal;  I even had the bibliography constructed in my head. So now, breakfasted, morning medicationed (OOH! That’s a noun-verb: would I be allowed to get away with that?), my other mind, the ‘concentrate on thoughts about TMA mind’, is blank. Interrupted by my wife, asking for help with the winter lightweight duvet. Here in Spain, we sleep the summer away with only a light cotton sheet covering us - and more often than not, not covering us, for the heat. It was 25.5 degrees as we left our friend at the airport yesterday mid-afternoon. By six, it was decidedly chilly and I may have to begin wearing trousers instead of shorts during the evening. A thought: in training to be a government report writer, we were instructed never to descend to noun-verbs, by ‘Athletes do not ‘medal’ at sporting events, they win ‘medals.’ Hope I rememberise. Or is it remembrocate? Could it even be remembrify?

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