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Edited by Geoff Cooper, Friday, 15 Nov 2019, 10:29

We’ve been to the cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant tonight about six kilometres away with Nick and Paula. They go back to UK on Thursday. The name cheap and cheerful Chinese is rather rude but accurate. Its proper name is the Pato Pekin. Order any meal on the set menu (there are about 40 choices) and it comes with a small glass of ‘sangria’, a starter (soup, salad, sesame toast etc) main course with chips, noodles or fried rice, sweet (except that I always have Chinese tea but could also have ice cream, banana fritter or crepe caramel or coffee) and half a bottle of local wine (a not bad at all white, rose or red). When the bill is paid a tot of liqueur, schnapps, or local brandy follows.  Some of the main meal choices have two small main courses. Tonight, I have had chicken balls and curried prawns as well as my noodles. Jeanie has had pork spare rib and prawns with fried rice. Always substantial and often too much so some is taken home for a meal next day. Four of us have eaten generously, and the total bill - with a reasonable tip - came to 40 euros. Chinese friends who visited some time ago questioned how this could be sustained. However, the restaurant was pretty full tonight. The cheapest all in meal is about  5 euros 70 cents. We are not complaining. Nor should we.

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