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Edited by Geoff Cooper, Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019, 00:40

Well, having dispatched TMA 01, and awaiting results with baited breath, I have entered a new forum, the fiction forum for the next batch of work. It would appear that I’ve entered that new forum with all my former creative non-fictionites and that it is a very noisy forum with lots of traffic, because there are so many more people in it. A bit confusing. But fortunately, there is no whole new IT system to learn. That really would be a nightmare. Some of our group have the results of their assessed pieces. I wish I didn’t know that, because it intensifies the anticipation/expectation of mine. Although tutors don’t have long to turn assignments around, each day seems like an eternity.

It has been a pretty busy time since my last blog entry. I’ve seen the ophthalmologist. It was Maria Isabel Madrid Saavedra again, and again, my heart warmed to her. She has a smile and a manner one could drown in. And she has confirmed that my damaged left eye is healing well and unless there are further problems, I don’t need to go back. I’m almost disappointed not to see her again. She had a student with her and it was clear that the student was in an early learning situation because she was unable to focus on the back of my eye as easily as Maria Isabel could. I’m sure she will learn. 

Because this is the build up to Christmas, and because Christmas comes early here, things are very busy - especially with meals out for the different groups we belong to. On Friday, after the hospital visit, we had the ‘do it yourself’ concert that Jeanie organised at church. It went off successfully which I was thankful about for J’s sake, although the audience was relatively thin. Everyone who had volunteered to perform did well. I was particularly impressed with Jackie Garrett’s liveliness, with Doug Brown’s unexpected sense of humour and with Colin Anderson’s powerful delivery of the Betcheman Advent poem. I was disappointed in my own singing. The bloom appears to have gone off my voice with old age and I didn’t get my usual resonance off the back wall of the church. Afterwards, sixteen of us went to the Gran China Asiatic for an evening meal and had great social fun. 

It is the time of meals out. Phyl invited us to Portico Mar and Saturday for her birthday. Portico Mar is not cheap, but it was a good meal and the fifteen there had a good time.The house red wine was particularly good. Because there was no one else to do it, I played the organ at church on Sunday morning. One of the hymns was in A flat and I hate four flats as a key to play in. However, it went off fine. There were only six of us for lunch, Keith, Kathie, Peter, Kate, Jeanie and me at the Herradura. For once, I enjoyed the ‘special bread’. I’m not sure why it is special bread but this time it was soft and chewy not hard and coarse. With alioli and tomato, of course. I loved my smoked salmon starter and the chicken main course wasn’t bad, either. Monday was eating out again. Jeanie is a member of the ladies friendship group and lunch time was their Christmas celebration. To a place I’d never previously been to. Laurels, upstairs in Quesada.  And that was good, too.

So, when the Christmas period is over, I must slim. I must be putting pounds on.

We've had the beginning of another ‘Gota Fria’. It is forecast for three days but not as intensive as the one a couple of months ago. There was intense thunder and lighting last night and it has rain most of the day today. There is apparently more bad flooding down at Alcathares. People who have previously lost their homes are flooded out again. Quiz night tonight. Too much soaps (Coronation Street characters: I knew none) and too much pop music (I recognised some music but knew no answers).Despite that, a good social time. I’m told that we re going Christmas shopping tomorrow to la Zenia Boulevard and that at some time I must make myself scarce. There are plenty of good coffee shops to make myself scarce in.

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