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Back to work - what a relief!

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Edited by Annie Storkey, Friday, 12 Jun 2020, 12:00

Back at work this week, doesn’t time fly? Whilst it is great to have a couple of weeks off (though I did manage to do a bit of checking emails and mark a few stray essays), I do like going back to the usual routine of work and study. Structure plays a big part in my management of my bipolar disorder and several weeks of family visits, parties and general social interaction, coupled with a disrupted routine, are always unsettling for me.

A nice week back as well, with no marking or tutorials, and just planning and admin to do. This has given me the opportunity to get stuck in with my doctorate studies so I’ve completed the module 3 work on reviewing literature and formally started my literature review for my research. Two days of searching and I have 15 articles/theses/books, half of which I already had! I knew the subject of mental health in distance education was poorly investigated but I had hoped for a bit more. The key issue was separating out generic articles on supporting health and wellbeing in higher education from those concerning students with established mental health challenges within distance education, the latter being the area I am interested in. Now I need to get to work on summarising these articles, identifying themes and then going forward to the next round of searching. I need to look further into motivational support for students with mental health challenges but suspect I will need to look more generically at motivational support in distance education.


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