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Anna Greathead

The conference and the lost page

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It's fair to say I was nervous! It all began ok. Tech set up was fine and my slides appeared as they were supposed to.

I began to read my notes, click through the slide show... all was well....

And then my notes and my slides didn't match! I had lost my place. I didn't quite 'die' but it was close.

I now know exactly what happened. I had printed my notes out and, to save paper, I had printed it double sided. This meant I read one side, turned over the sheet, read the second side, discarded the sheet, read the top side of the next sheet and so on.... I got mixed up and discarded too soon. I stumbled.

People were very kind and said I had coped well, and that my project came across anyway but I was super frustrated. So I recorded the conference presentation as I wish I had managed to do it!

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Jenny Duckworth

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Hi Anna - just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation and although the 'hiccup' might have seemed disastrous to you at the time, it really wasn't - just one of those things, and a minor thing at that. The slides and delivery were really good - that's what matters...

(I recently was interviewing a candidate using Skype for Business - had my headset on and was well into the swing of it all only for my line manager (the other interviewer) to start going 'Jenny, Jenny - are you there, we can't hear you...'. I just couldn't work out what on earth was wrong - got into a text discussion that seemed to last for ages saying I could hear them etc etc. Eventually had to log out of the call for only to find out that whilst waving my arms around with enthusiasm (which I'm a bit prone to) I'd somehow touched the 'mute' button on my headset... didn't even know it existed until then! Don't think I made a great impression on the poor interviewee...). 

Best wishes