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Anna Greathead

The Redemption of Twitter

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I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. On the one hand I have found myself embroiled in a lot of nasty arguments (mostly with Brexiters, Tories, Trump supporters and so on) but today Twitter, and WhatsApp were wonderful examples of 'backchannels' where conference observers discussed and commented and sometimes giggled a bit!

So here's some Twitter screenshots! They made me smile and, I think, demonstrate the softer side of networking. And by soft I mean 'hard to define' rather than 'unimportant'. The soft stuff is VERY important.

Twitter screen shot

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Jenny Duckworth

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I agree Anna - the 'soft' stuff like you describe is really important too. Nice example here smile


Jess Morrin

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I think it was only in that post-conference Twitter exchange that I really started to value Twitter as a communicative and supportive tool.  

Anna C Page

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Just spotted this Anna G - I enjoyed being part of the simultaneous conference back channel, especially with such supportive fellow students joining in and doing the impossible to measure but oh so important stuff (the 'wicked competences' as my late colleague Professor Peter Knight used to say).

Sunny Cleethorpes

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I'm certainly happier with Twitter now I've switched off all the push notifications of things it things I might be interested in. I'd go full on "I only use this via TweetDeck on my computer" but that doesn't really fit with how I work. Or maybe I don't work in this area so much (did I mention I'm only one day a week). The WhatsApp back-channel was also nice, though obviously only visible to those who are in it.