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To whom it may coronavirus, 

I'm going to smash out a quick blog post here and hence we begin with no particular destination in mind. 

First thing. I have had experiences, of the mind and body, which I would love to put into writing. Have these experiences recently been put into context, and hence into the category of "not worth talking about"? Well, I bloody hope not. There's all sorts of things I want to say. What you must know about me, firstly, is that I'm a paranoid schizophrenic! It's not a pleasant characteristic, yet I am glad I can be lumped in with that stigma, for it can at least assist other people to help understand me or, if not understand me, at least give them some kind of counterpoint with which to contextualise my ever so underhanded dealings and ways. That is, when I come bowling down the street, and they see me coming, and they are overcome with the fear of the holy Lord, by dint of antagonistic and fearsome ways and dealings, they can, when they come to know me, be placated in the notion of this fact of my nature. I am mentally ill, and it's me and not you, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that I am the outsider, and not a perpetual God, which is what I really am. No. I am a paranoid schizophrenic. 

So, in light of this new knowledge, here are some theories of the Coronavirus, that may or may not be deemed conspiracies: 

  • The coronavirus is a man-made virus, created by the Chinese government, in effect to partake in militaristic dealings with the United States and everything that's going on between those two countries. 
  • The coronavirus is a highly advanced scientific technology, that transcends the comparatively basic science we may associate with the construction of the first theory's version of the coronavirus. It does this, with a view to advancing the "Wi-Fi" connectivity of the human brain - a consideration that the good Lord Himself was unable to construct without the assistance of His finest brains, all of whom have a special part to play in the rising of the current pandemic, personally and necessarily. It connects with the erection of the Huawei 5G towers, which may or may not have merely been a "red herring", that coincided with an evolutionary shift towards the illumination of the collective mind. 
  • The Jews did it. 
  • The coronavirus pandemic is not a real pandemic. It is a construct of the imagination of: 
  1. A paranoid schizophrenic who is in fact a patient in an ongoing condition of seclusion, in a locked ward on a wing of Broadmoor Psychiatric Unit, with a mind so unwell that even the administration of the strongest antipsychotics can not prevent him from imagining the entire ordeal. 
  2. A man who, in the year 2001, has committed suicide, and is receiving communications from God about future events, as a product of the rewards of the afterlife. He has committed suicide, and left his family and loving girlfriend to try to continue life without him. Yet the constructs of suicide are on the other hand as complicated, and now, only the residual version of himself now exists, and he lives in the future, passing knowledge back to himself, at the crux of his life and legacy. He sits happily in the perpetuity of suicide, with just his imagination to keep him in sanity. 

  • The coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, and was put in place to create an entirely new world society which will be maintained for the foreseeable future, and which culminates in: 
  1.  The eradication of every unnecessary economical trading element, which have been hitherto blockades to financial advancement, for both government and social individual alike, the overhaul which has improved the financial situation for all. 
  2. The overhaul of the education system, which is now to be continued using the available technology that can be employed from the safety of the home, and by parents. 
  3. The overhaul of the family society, which is now a case where families are spending good quality time together, watching each other grow up and engaging in healthy, wholesome activities as a family unit, on a daily basis and at length.  
  4. The overhaul of the policing system, in which criminals are now unable to continue to do the crimes of which they were once able to do. 
  5. The "wringing out" of social prejudice, which is borne out by the two-metre distancing rule that everybody must adhere to. 
  6. Etc., etc... 

And so it goes, and there you have it. 

In other news, the course is going well, and I am greatly enjoying it. I have spent a great deal of the day studying for it, and also spent some time making adjustments to my computer, which now boasts Windows 10, and for which I have ordered superfast fibre broadband. 

I really must try to go to sleep now. 

Best wishes. 



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