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Edited by Annie Storkey, Friday, 12 June 2020, 11:56

Today I walked for 2 miles with a normal walking pulse of below 110. Admittedly I had to slow down in the second half to maintain my pulse but I’m really pleased as this gives me hope that I can manage, or possibly even overcome, the postural tachycardia I developed post-covid. My missing sweating function is returning too (sorry if too much information).

But I have had tachycardia this morning as when I got dressed my pulse went over 120. And this is why postural tachycardia is such a debilitating illness for many people; it is at it’s worse when performing activities of daily living. I fully understand why some people struggle to get out of bed with it.

I first noticed my tachycardia in the second week of my covid symptoms when I had palpitations carrying the laundry downstairs - my pulse was 125. I get the same when hanging out the laundry or chopping vegetables (even in a seated position). Even difficult crochet raises my pulse! My 2 worse episodes of tachycardia have occurred when gardening, that magical combination of heat, exercise and lifting your arms up. The second episode resulted in a subconjunctival haemorrhage so my blood pressure is clearly shooting up too.

Now I’m conquering my venous return in my legs I’m tackling my arms with some Iyengar yoga; cobra and downward dog should be helpful as well as standing poses. My lungs are hating seated twists though.

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