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Here we go. A803-20 is on line and choices have to be made. Having focused and concentrated on CNF (Creative Non-Fiction) through A802, there wasn't a lot of decision-making to do. I hope that some of the writing that I have done during the lock-down and through the University vacation break will come in useful. There are many words there: 80,000 odd in 'Palimpsest 1937 - 1960', my 'growing-up' memoir; a similar number of words in 'Plague Diary', a still-to-be-edited version of the 100 postings to friends and family during the heavy Spanish lock-down from March 2020 and I continue to develop 'Finding Rosalind', my response to the unnecessary premature death of a friend with mental health complications. So, I ask myself where does a new character - a fiction character - born yesterday in a brand new (it had to be red in colour) exercise book - come into all this? Although I'm excited about getting to grips with A803, I am currently pre-occupied with Henry Absalom and his little red notebook. I should have some idea of what happens to him in the end. Many possibilities are swilling about in my head. I think his poor down-trodden wife will triumph, that he will lose control of his children, that he may even be murdered by the beautiful Miss Richards who is about to seduce him. Consider the female spider after mating. There is much worldly wiseness to consider. Perhaps that should be 'worldly foolishness' if he cannot withstand Miss RichardsĀ“s wiles. There will be a resolution of some sort, bless him and his controlling fixation. He and I are going to have a love/hate relationship. He who controls - as Henry does - will be controlled, but by whom? Ah! What power there is in the writer's grasp.

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