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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:48

Found myself with a few extra hours study today so I tackled that iCMA51 again. 

STILL floating in mid 80 % range. God damn it. 

Looks like it is scientific notation that is letting me down. So frustrating. 

Will I ever learn - need to find a way to get this stuff cemented before things get harder and harder and harder. 

Pre-course beginnings I was a dab hand at it - but now I just cant seem to get it right. Is it possibly that introduction to engineering notation throwing me out?
Didn't cover that on the open learn course - I'm sure of it.

All i know that for now I am struggling a little  through this particular section of the maths, but trying to stay positive and working my way through the help materials. 

Please, brain start absorbing things!!!! angry

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I know this sems funny coming from a dyslexic, but are you taking notes for you studies ? Just remembering things can be very difficult and almost never word perfect.

Christine Selby

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hi there, 

I have decided to try and document my journey through this wonderful world of uni and online study. This is where my true feeling are expressed relating to my life. Your right, it does seem that i'm taking notes for my study - but with the added personal stuff in there as oppose to the learning log which I keep for pure study related notes