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ABBA @ 05.48 anyone?

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Edited by Trevor Barrett, Thursday, 3 Dec 2020, 06:51

You know when you get that feeling, waking up, first cup of coffee, and you just have to listen to something?  Well for me this morning it was ABBA of all things.... Hum, why oh why lol.

Had a decent night's sleep for a change,  and sorry but james blunt is now playing, only so much abba in one morning I can take, well, decent for me, after 5 am wake up smile

Yesterday was pretty much a write off, meds shut me down all day, morphine will do that if it's tackling above my pain limit, and it was fired up to do just that, ftr, I fecking hate being on morphine.  

Well, right now that's all, may post later.

C ya'lls


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