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I'm sure its not legal, or at least civilised to have two...

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Edited by Trevor Barrett, Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 03:06

Surely their must be some kind of law that forbids people to see two 1.25's, or two 4's o'clock in the day lol, if not, there should be!  Woke up, painkiller munchies to alleviate a very sore back, and to pass the time watched another episode oh "His Dark Materials", which, if you haven't yet seen comes highly recommended smile

Write y morning diatribe, bidding the world hello, "Hello world", never expecting a "hullo" back, but the at this hour, being fair, I'd probably be very surprised if ever I did get one.

Time to do some more exploring of the OU resources, really can't wait for my pack.  If anyone can recommend a study materials accessory list that would come highly appreciated, groping my way in the dark currently, so please do reply.

Short and too the point as always, 

Don wuan Trev lol.

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