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Second day as a OU student

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Day 2 of my adventure as a OU student doing Y033 access module, has again been a good one. Woke up from work around 1pm had some food hanged out with friends today for a few hours in my garden catching up, also telling about the course and how much I am enjoying it. Finished that around 7 then starting studying for the night, also found out stuff I will look into further like the likes of knowing the name Carl Sagan but did not know where from. Which now I have the answer for and will do further reading as it sparked some interest. Only downer I have to say is after only 2 days as a OU student I have done the work for the week which has came with disappointment, but tomorrow I may take the opportunity to advance read in the text book. The first module of the course is one I have the most interest at the moment so looking forward to learn about ecology and looking forward to my first written assignment hoping I can achieve a good understanding and do well. Time to call in for the night and settle with a movie. Also any fellow YO33 access course people may come across this I hope your doing well in your first couple of days as a student as am I and enjoying it too smile

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